Healthiest State Annual Walk - Tama County

October 5 from Noon - 1:00pm at Tama County Courthouse, Toledo, IA

Let’s get walking Tama County!
Join us for Iowa Healthiest State 12th Annual Walk.
Together we can help Iowa become the healthiest state in the nation!

This is the only such event that we are aware of in Tama County, so all area residents are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Flyer courtesy of Toledo Methodist Church

Walking Audit - Tama

September 15 from 5:30pm - 7:30pm at Tama Civic Center, Tama, IA

Earlier in the year we had a very successful “Walking Audit” in Toledo. Now it’s Tama’s turn. On September 15 we have planned a Walking Audit   around downtown Tama conducted by an experienced representative from Wellmark’s Healthy Hometown   initiative.

    Page: /

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) describes a walking audit as:

…a simple activity in which an individual or a team observes and evaluates the walkability of a location to document how and if pedestrians can safely travel along a street, navigate an intersection and get from point A to B, C and so on.

Specifics: See attached flyer.

Agenda specifics:

  • Walking Audit as described in the flyer.

Golf Cart Tour - South Tama Rec Trail

September 28 from Noon - 3pm at South Tama Rec Trail, Tama-Toledo, IA

Ever been interested in discovering the South Tama Rec Trail and learning more about the trail and future plans? Well, on Wednesday, September 28, we will provide a golf cart tour of the South Tama Rec Trail for individuals age 50 and older who cannot comfortably walk the trail. Interested adults may join us between Noon and 3pm at either the Tama Civic Center or Toledo Heights Park for a golf cart ride on the trail.

Some of our planning material is available on our Documents page . Watch this space for more information as elements of this event are confirmed.

A rain-date of October 5th is also possible.

Steering Committee Meeting

October 6 from 5pm - 6pm at Tama Civic Center, Tama, IA

There will be NO regular meeting in September.

The original committees from Tama and Toledo, and others who wish to join the effort, are invited to meet and discuss organization, priorities, and next steps.

This meeting will be held in the large meeting room near the back of the Tama Civic Center to avoid potential conflicts with events at the Wieting Theatre.

Agenda specifics: To be announced at a later date.

A Post from Travis Mullen…

 Wednesday, June 1, 2022 -   Travis Mullen

Photo by Travis Mullen - June 1, 2022

This shouldn’t have to happen, but in the present there is no other option. This elderly individual is walking in the highway. The highway.

Tama-Toledo Healthy Hometown Committee is working very hard to change this, by making the community more walkable.

Tama and Toledo city leadership: We’ve ignored the need for a continuous sidewalk along highway 63 for decades. Please support the work of the committee to the greatest extent possible and let’s get this done.



 Tuesday, December 21, 2021 -   Mark McFate

Welcome to the new internet home of Tama-Toledo Community Visioning! Please check out our About   page to learn more about the group.

You may also find online resources at the web pages provided by Iowa’s Community Visioning organization, specifically the Tama   and Toledo   pages. However, we found these pages to be difficult to maintain with limited features, so most of what you find there is meant for download only, and eventually we hope to have all of that material here in a more presentable form.

Also be sure to check out our Documents   and Events   pages. Just today, 21-December-2021, we added a 44-page Safe Routes to School report from 2009. There’s lots of valuable information in that document so be sure to check it out along with other Plans   that we are sharing.

One other resource I encourage you to visit is @Summitt Dweller · I Like to Hike   and some of the CV-related hikes in the “Featured” section there, like   and   .

We also welcome your feedback and participation! There’s a Contact Us link (the envelope icon) at the bottom of every page. Just click that link to open an email addressed to this group. Also, as mentioned above, check out our Events   page to keep tabs on upcoming opportunities to get involved. We would love to hear from you and see you at our next meeting!

Take care.