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 Tuesday, December 7, 2021 -   Mackenzie McFate

Iowa is perhaps the only state in the U.S. that has a sustained Community Visioning   program. Their mission…

Iowa’s Community Visioning:
We help small Iowa communities bridge the gap between the demand and availability of design resources needed to improve transportation systems.


Tama-Toledo Community Visioning

Upon completion of our 2021 “program year” with Community Visioning   , it was clear to the Tama and Toledo CV steering committees that we need to work together to address the needs of our broader Tama-Toledo community. This group, Tama-Toledo Community Visioning, coalesced from two original city-specific steering committees who shared a common goal.

Original Tama CV Steering Committee

Tama’s original steering committee consisted of:

  • Matthew Beatty
  • Shayna Zmolek
  • Mike Carnahan
  • Laura Galvez
  • Karen Mixdorf
  • Jerimi Kopsa
  • Dave Cantonwine
  • Sue Harrington
  • Jennifer Perez
  • Warren & Shelly Riley
  • Lori Baier
  • Sierra Berger
  • Jonathan Meyer
  • Max Schirmer
  • Aubrey Rhinehart
  • Daniel Rodriguez-Rivera

Original Toledo CV Steering Committee

Toledo’s original steering committee consisted of:

  • Denise Fletcher
  • Darvin Graham
  • Kendall Jordan
  • Sarah Kenkel
  • Trudy Koch
  • Mark McFate
  • Travis Mullen
  • Sarahi Perez
  • Marilyn Rippy
  • Jeff Shaw
  • Bill Skow
  • Dorothy Jo Zmolek