Tama-Toledo: 17th Street at US 63 (9d)

 Friday, December 10, 2021 -   Mackenzie McFate

This plan, 9d, designated for participation by both communities, includes a pedestrian crossing of busy US 63 at 17th Street in Tama, and sidewalk access along US 63 and 17th Street connecting the STC campus to northern portions of Tama’s sidewalk network, Tama’s Oak Park, southern portions of Toledo’s sidewalk network, and the STC Administration Building.

Two solution options were proposed at this location:

  • The first option, a Tactical Urbanism   approach, calls for an at-grade crossing of US 63 from the NE corner of the intersection to join with the existing sidewalk on the west side of US 63. The estimated cost of this solution appears on page 5 of the attached PDF.

  • The second option, considerably more complex and expensive than the first, calls for a pedestrian overpass at the same location as the crossing proposed in the first option. This expensive option, at an estimated cost in excess of $1.5 million, is not included in the PDF.

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